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Air Balancing

Professional Air Balancing Service


Blue Flame in Nanaimo is certified to perform third-party test and balance reports. After your system has been installed, proper commissioning to measure system delivery and performance is the only way to ensure the system is performing as it was designed to. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.



Air Balance or TAB (Test And Balance ) is the method of testing, adjusting and balancing with unique testing equipment by a third party, the installing contractor cannot provide TAB reports on their own installations for obvious reasons. Air balance Technicians measure airflow from air handling equipment and duct systems and compare those results with the design from the mechanical engineer then adjust the system to deliver the designed specifications. Reports and provided to show the air volumes, electrical usage, filter and belt sizes, equipment capacities etc to prove the system delivers as per design criteria.

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The three fundamentals of Air Balancing


Testing is the procedure of collecting airflow data with unique testing equipment such as Balometer, Velocity matrix, vane anemometer, manometer, hot wire anemometer, voltmeter, tachometer and amp clamp meter. The compilation of the data collected is used to determine adjustments to the system.



Following the Engineered design of the system air balancers adjust to match the installation with the provided mechanical plan.



Balancing is the end goal of this process. To match the Engineered design provided for the building. In the absence of an engineered design Proportional Air Balancing is an option, which is a method of balancing a forced air system providing an equal distribution of air throughout the system depending on duct sizing provided utilizing calculated percentages rather than listed values from an engineered drawing.


1. Energy savings

Air balancing ensures systems are at their maximum operating conditions to provide the efficiency and life span expected for equipment.


2. IAQ Indoor Air Quality

When people congregate in an enclosed space, room, office or building carbon dioxide CO2 levels tend to climb, if the indoor air is only recirculated the CO2 levels will continue to rise. A proper air balance plan will include a controlled flow of fresh air added to the system to control the CO2 and CO levels from rising which improves IAQ.


3. System lifespan

We expect a 20-year lifespan from heating and cooling equipment under ideal operating conditions. Having a properly commissioned and maintained HVAC system is the first step toward achieving an ideal lifespan for your expensive equipment.


4. No hot or cold zones

Some buildings have hot or cold zones, this can occur from several factors, one is that air takes the path of least resistance, it goes where it wants. Air balancing a properly ducted system ensures the air goes where we want to eliminate hot or cold areas.


TAB testing and balancing service is required for engineered builds but has great benefits that should make any building occupants and owners want it for increased comfort and increased equipment lifespan.

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Blue Flame provides Class A Gas fitting commissioning or installation and maintenance for equipment without BTU/hr input limitation.

This includes:

DFMA Direct Fired Make up Air typical of restaurants Process ovens such as power coat ovens or bakeries Process boilers or kilns in commercial or industrial applications Special Gas Appliances, those that need field certification Working with BC Safety Authority to get your permit complete Class A inspections and testing for insurance


Class A gas fitting and TAB services are often required for the same project, Blue Flame specializes in providing this third-party service to existing systems and provides the appropriate reports for inspections and engineers.

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Blue Flame is certified to perform third-party test and balance reports.

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